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What We Offer

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are adapted for each individual, with the goal of providing a positive experience with music and a solid foundation for whatever path the student may choose. Consistent practice outside of lessons will contribute to the growth of the student, while lack of practice will adversely affect success. Young students may require parental involvement in practice. Varying opportunities to perform and share music in authentic spaces are available throughout the year.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons incorporate aspects of good technique, music theory, artistry, sight-reading, and improvisation skills to provide a well-rounded music education. It is ideal that the student has a piano accessible in their home or on a regular basis for practice; however, a keyboard may do in the earlier stages of lessons (preferably a weighted, full length 88-key keyboard).

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons incorporate aspects of good singing technique, voice mechanics, musical accuracy, and artistic expression. Vocal practice is different from passively listening or singing music and should involve actively thinking and using techniques and exercises from lessons. Students will need a way to access, listen, and sing music sent via email or found online (youtube videos, .mp3 files, .pdf files, etc.).

Violin Lessons

Violin lessons incorporate aspects of proper technique, music theory, ear training and artistry. We draw on several pedagogical methods to guide students into mastery of the instrument.. Students will need an appropriately sized violin to be able to practice at home (we can aid in measuring and facilitating instrument rental before the first lesson if needed).

Classic Violin

Classes & Camps

Group classes and summer camps are offered on occasion, and the topics vary. The best way to keep up with our special offerings is to follow us on facebook and instagram, or check our our Aspen Grove Event Calendar.

Other Offerings

In addition to private lessons, our students have pursued various musical endeavors-- music composition, college program auditions, open mic performances, collaborations, talent competitions, musical theater productions, etc. We are here to guide and inspire students to reach their musical goals!

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